Beast Mode Values are changing on Drill Down


I have a Calculation in a Beastmode that is calculating the Length of Repai Cycle. The calculation is accurate and when run on its own it produces the correct number.

However if I put that Beast Mode Calculation into a Drill Down path the values displayed for that calculation are not correct.

So for example I can drill down from Region to Market to Location and each shows the Length of Repair, however when I get to the location the Length of Repair for my test location is showing a value of 9, when I open this drill down level to edit in Analyzer, or even if I run it in its own card I get a value of 6.1.

The 6.1 is the correct value but I can't for the life of me figure out why when its part of a drill path it comes up with the wrong number and even the edit shows the correct value, just not when your viewing the card live.

Any hints on what to look at would be greatly appreciated.




  • Chronos

    Is anyone able to help out with this request?

  • Gimli
    Gimli Domo Employee

    Hello @Randyb

    It would be great to get a copy of what your calculation is. My thoughts are that the beastmode changes based on the grouping of a card. 
    This is purely an example because I do not know your calculation. 
    If I am dividing by a COUNT(`date`) when my card is grouped by 'Day', I will divide by the number of records I have for that day. Whereas if I divide by COUNT(`date`) when my card is grouped by Week my divisor value will increase. 
    So when I have a calculation similar to: MAX(`value`) / COUNT(`date`) I could see a value different than I expect depending on my card grouping. 

    This question sounds like it might be an in depth question that would require looking at your card to see the layout, data, and beastmode. I recommend reaching out to our support team to get some assistance with additional questions you have in regard to this. You can reach them through the support portal

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