Is it possible to use the value of a Last Value Projection in a BeastMode calculation to put as a Summary Number on a card?  For example, if you used a linear regression to make the Last  Value Projection on the bar chart, could you then take the Actual / Projected to get a percent as to how close they are?  And then possibly place this percent in a Summary Number to see the progress at a glance.


  • nalbright
    nalbright Contributor

    As far as I know the summary numbers strictly deal with actual data themselves, although this would certainly be a worthwhile idea to suggest, as I imagine it could be useful to many people when looking at cards.  Do you know where to suggest an idea for Domo?

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  • jmo
    jmo Domo Employee

    The Last Value Projection can't be used in a Beast Mode or in the summary number. It is possible to calculate regression models in a DataFlow, however. You could get a percent progress using that method.

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  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    @milesscott, did any of the replies above help answer your question?

  • JH-MARTEC360

    If this isn't on the product roadmap, can it be added?  As Domo goes further into Data Science/Forecasting, projection values will be more relevant than ever.

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