How to Create Multiple Summary Numbers



  • Yes I tied saving but still it just displays the code


    I then tried to replace the img src with the alt 24

  • @sgraham and @ST_-Superman-_ great collaboration here!


    Are any the latest replies working solutions so that I can give credit as a solution?



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    I took several of the solutions to get it working: Scott Thompson's code with the down arrows Plus mitel's code for the color changes, plus richard's code for the dynamic jscript updates. Then it works as requested for my requirements.

  • Thanks @evanbench,


    I am going to bring in our education team to create an article on this in our Knowledge Base Help Center based on this thread.



  • I have been unable to get cards what have multiple summary numbers (using concat) to be included in my Favorites daily alert.  Apparently such numbers are treated as text after the concat is applied.  Is there a way to add a hidden value outside of the concat function so that it will be included in the Favorites daily alert but won't necessarily appear in the sub-heading itself?

  • concat(SUM(case when `Latest` = 'Y' then `Outbound Traffic` end),' ','Latest Quarter',' ','-',' ',`Fiscal Period`)  

    I used the code in  MYSQL and could get the required result and  tried to do the same using beast mode to get the summary number but failed.

  • What is the data in Fiscal Period?  You need to aggregate that field as well. 


    Instead of `Fiscal Period` you need something like MAX(`Fiscal Period`)


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  • I am using text in Fiscal Period  

    For Eg : FY18Q1