How do you see all cards associated with a Dataset as an Admin (when not shared)?


Hi All,


So as an admin I would like to go to the data center click on a dataset and see all cards associated with it. In the example below, it shows there are 5 cards linked to the dataset, however, when you click over to cards it only shows the 1 card that's shared with me. How can an admin see which cards are associated with dataset? In the 'Admin' section when you click on 'Cards' you don't see a 'Dataset' column either. 




Would be great if the feature could be added to the 'Cards' tab when you click on a dataset in the Data Center. 


Thank you.


  • Valiant

    I was just looking at this in my environment and saw the same behavior. 


    However, when looking into it further, the additional cards listed in the dataset are actually due to the additional drilldowns attached to the main card. So Main Card -> Sub Card 1 -> Sub Card 2 are reported as 3 Cards on the dataset view.


    Not sure if this is the same in your environment, but I agree that some additional clarity would be helpful.

  • rahul93
    rahul93 Contributor

    You can see all the cards related to the dataset if you have access to the pages on which the cards lie. I generally being an 'admin' add those pages under my profile and then i can see those cards under the cards section when i click on the dataset.


    If they could change this to an admin can see every card related to the dataset even if he/she doesnt have access to the page, that would be great.


    Hope this helps.