Box Connector issue


I have been experiencing issues with data pulls using the Box Data connectors. 


Example of error i am receiving:

We couldn't find the the Box file 'filename'. Please check your settings and try again. Note: Box can take 30 minutes before a newly uploaded file is available in certain time zones.


Anyone else experiencing this?


I have reached out to support, in which, i am informed it is not a domo issue but a box issue.


I have reached out to box, in which, i am informed it is not a box issue but a domo issue.




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    Box update delays aren't uncommon. 


    Just posted a reply on a potentially similar problem with Dropbox at this thread:


    If it's been a long time since you uploaded your file, it might be either a Domo or a Box problem.

    If you uploaded the file very recently and the rest of the connection properties are configured correctly, then it's probably a Box issue.

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