How do you generate charts and data for specific Facebook ad accounts and not all pages or accounts


I am trying to use the facebook ads app to visualize data from ads like amount spent, rach, button clicks, etc. However I manage ads for multiple pages/businesses so it compiled all the data from all ads I manage. I would like to be able to select one page/business' data at a time so I and my clients I manage the ads for can see the performance results.


  • guitarhero23
    guitarhero23 Contributor

    Can you give a screenshot of the columns and the data?


    I don't have experience with that connector so I'm wondering if a column exists that specifies a name or ID or something we can differentiate on and then you could either use that to filter on the whole card and set a different card per Page OR have 1 card where the Series is by Page so you could compare performance

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  • user15354

    Having the same issue.  This connector doesn't work well for agencies.  Does anyone have a clue on how to get FB ADs connector to view results for pages as opposed to pulling everything under the Ad account. Basically looking for a combination of the Ad and Advanced connectors. 

    Makes me select the ads under the Ad Account individually.  I need to get results for all ads for a page. FB app lets you do this but the domo connector doesn't work the same way! HELP!