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I have just uploaded a dataset via workbecnh. It created a dataset which i can preview and create cards on it. However, when i changed one of the column name (metadata change) the workbench job exectuted successfully with a warning but i was unable to preview the dataset in data center. 

When i preview the error message whic pops up is 



We had a problem generating your preview, please check that your settings are valid and try again later.
"We had a problem generating your preview, please check that your settings are valid and try again later."
Question: How can i find out what is the problem/error with my dataset ?


  • RGranada
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    Let me see if i can help,


    Where did you change the column Name? In workbench/Dataset Jobs/Dataset Schema\ Destination Column?


    What type of dataset is it?



    Ricardo Granada 


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  • user05342

    Thanks RGranada


    1. I created aan ODBC connection which point to a SQL Server database
    2. I have a table in it
    3. I used the workbech and used ODBC dataset job to connect to datasource and then push it to domo cloud
    4. The dataset was created and i was able to preview the data
    5. Now,  someone in the team updated the metadat in the souce (SQL Server database). The column name was changed
    6. I executed the workbech dataset job which was executed successfully and display a warning that the column name has ben change. The job was successful
    7. When i went back to Domo cloud and previed the data , the error message pope up which is mentioned in the thread above

    What I was expecting: I was expecting that upon selecting the dataset , domo should detect the chnage in th dataset and diplay a meaningful error message aand a mean to correct this issue but it did not help me here


    I am trying to achieve data virulaisation by abstructing and decoupling the metatdat