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I originally built a card showing travel time for the last 24 hours. I opened the same card a couple of weeks later and when I went to edit the card, I noticed that the card date range filter which is usually next to the title of the card is missing. 


Appreciate any help.




  • PodiumMason
    PodiumMason Contributor

    Hi there,


    Did the data change in the time you created the card and then checked it again? If the data column you were previously using is not showing as a date datatype, that could be causing the issue. 


    The other thing you could try is to make sure the date field is selected using the "date range field" dropdown on the left side of the cardbuilder. 


    Lastly, if neither of the above work, you could clear your browser cache and cookies and look at the card again.


    Best of luck!

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  • user08547

    Thanks. I have got the date range filter working - however the date range field is selecting not incorrect timestamp for the data. The range field is currently selecting the data for which the batch of data was last run (i.e. in my dataset it is selecting for Dates _BATCH_LAST_RUN) but I require it to be the `time` to be recognised as Dates to be able to correctly modify my date range filter. The `time` is currenly recognised as a TEXT in my dataset.


    Is there a way to change it to recognise time as part of DATES?



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