How to select cards placed under specific data set and assign it to particular group.


I have admin rights in DOMO and I'm able to see all the card created by all the users from "Admin --> Cards". Now I want to select only those cards which are referring to specific dataset and assign it to particular group or people. Please let me know how it could be achieved.


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    Hi! That's a great idea!  

    On the Admin-Cards page you can multi-select cards based on several properties like page or card type, but not their dataset.  Otherwise you'd be able to perform actions based on all those cards you selected.  You can change card owner for all selected cards all at once, but you'd have to search each card individually.

    Similarly, on the dataset page you can see all cards built on the dataset, and you can move them to a new dataset, but not to a new owner.

    Put up this idea in the Ideas Exchange and see who else might want this feature added.

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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