Is anyone using Funnelwise?


It looks like Funnelwise is reporting out of the box that you can custom build in DOMO. The sales person is insisting they're in a different space from DOMO. Is anyone here using both DOMO and FunnelWISE?


  • AS
    AS Coach


    Funnelwise isn't in the list of connectors, so I'm doubtful it's used much with Domo.  


    If anyone is using it and Domo together, they're getting data into Domo through another path like scheduled exports.

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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  • czuniga
    czuniga Member

    Hi! Funnelwise would be a competitor, not a connector. Rather than custom built reports like DOMO has, they're out of the box reporting. I was wondering if anyone's company invested in both solutions.

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