Hi! has anyone built a Pepperjam or Twitter API connection for DOMO?


I'd love to utilize what you've built!


thanks so much!



  • AS
    AS Coach

    There are several Twitter connectors already available in the connector library but none available for Pepperjam.  So maybe somebody else has built that one, but are you not finding what you want for Twitter?

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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  • amycaroline

    thanks, aaron!

    unfortnately the twitter connectors don't provide the data we need (nor do the facebook connectors).

    we've been pulling the data out manually and putting it on box for domo to pull down but it's not very efficient.


    guess i'm gonna write some API's!


  • PodiumMason
    PodiumMason Contributor

    Hi Amy! 


    Just curious as to what metrics you're looking for from Twitter and Facebook that you aren't finding?




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  • amycaroline

    Thanks for caring!    Paid Ad data......


    Twitter (Ad Group level by Device)


    Reporting Start

    Reporting End

    3Ad Group name
    5Ad Group status
    9Cost per site visit
    11Result Type
    13Purchases - post view
    14Purchases - order quantity
    15Purchases - sale amount
    18Tweet engagements
    20Site visits
    21Site visits - post engagement
    22Site visits - post view


    Facebook (Ad Set Level and by device)

    1Reporting Starts
    2Reporting Ends
    3Campaign Name
    4Ad Set Name
    8Clicks (All)
    9Unique Clicks (All)
    10CTR (All)
    11Unique CTR (All)
    12Amount Spent (USD)
    13CPM (Cost per 1,000 Impressions) (USD)
    14Cost per 1,000 People Reached (USD)
    15CPC (All) (USD)
    16Results [7 Days After Clicking]
    17Results [7 Days After Viewing]
    18Result Indicator
    19People Taking Action
    20Page Likes [7 Days After Viewing]
    21Page Likes [7 Days After Clicking]
    22Website Purchases [7 Days After Viewing]
    23Website Purchases [7 Days After Clicking]
    24Website Adds to Cart [7 Days After Viewing]
    25Website Adds to Cart [7 Days After Clicking]
    26Website Purchases Conversion Value [7 Days After Viewing]
    27Website Purchases Conversion Value [7 Days After Clicking]
  • PodiumMason
    PodiumMason Contributor



    Check out the Twitter Ads connector in the datacenter, I know that you'll be able to find some of those specific metrics coming out of that connector. There are several different levels of data that can be accessed, including account, campaign and tweet level (for promoted tweets). There are more specifics than I can list out, but it's fairly straightforward and a place to start in getting what you need.


    For Facebook, talk to Domo Support about getting access to the Facebook Ads connector. It's VERY robust in its offering and should offer almost all of the metrics you have listed below. 


    One thing that I know the connector team at Domo would love is to get feedback on areas the connectors can be improved (and what metrics, if possible, should be made available) to give a better user experience, so let support know of any feedback you have so they can get it to the right people. 


    Hopefully this is helpful and I hope those connectors help you get the data you need!


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  • user00426

    Hi XervaMason,


    I am relatively new to Domo and I am working through the different Twitter cloud connector options. I'm trying to pull in data from a single account, organic traffic only. I ultimately want to match back to numbers for total engagements and impressions for the same date range as what I see in Twitters analytics tool / export. Maybe I'm way off, but I'm not even seeing impressions and it looks like the list of metrics that make up engagements is incomplete as well. Can you provide some clarification?



  • PodiumMason

    hi @user00426,


    The basic Twitter connector is pretty limited in what can be extracted from the API. This is because Twitter locks many of the tweet level metrics (unpaid) behind a wall that you have to jump through hoops and pay to get behind. 


    You won't find many if any organic tweet metrics through the Twitter connector unfortunately. Twitter acquired a company called "Gnip" a few years ago and all organic API access is routed through them. Contacting Twitter directly is probably your best option in this case. 


    Sorry I don't have better news, unless something has changed in the last year, this is what I remember. 


    Best of luck!

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  • user00426

    Thanks Xerva,


    This is helpful info! Now I will stop looking for something that doesn't exist. In that case, here are my thoughts on possible recommendations. 


    Seeing as the native Twitter API connector is not as robust as the data we need in order to provide a comprehensive view of Twitter performance (alongside other social platforms), we recommend 3 options:

    1 - Build a modified solution based on the limitations inherent to the native Domo connectors (hands-free solution, but with limitations)

    2 - Manual data source management on a monthly basis - we export all datasets monthly directly from platform, and append to existing data sources manually, then refresh Domo dashboards (requires manual work on a monthly basis, within scope)

    3 - Build and maintain custom FTP connections, which provide a comprehensive view of performance, including all relevant metrics across platforms. (this solution requires significant ongoing management and validation)


  • PodiumMason

    Those three solutions make sense. I've done the first two, and while they do require some management, they work fairly well as a minimal touch solution. 


    Another solution that goes along with #2 below would be to use Box to drop the files into, then use Domo's Box connector to bring the files in and run the merge dataflows. Domo's Box connector is very robust and useful.



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