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We have requirement to build card where we need to show % ( as Bar in Y axis) and Units (as Line in Y axis) . Please let me know if there a way to do it so in domo.  Attached is a mock up. 


Please note that i am looking for a line graph on top of a 'grouped bar' card.






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    The chart you're looking for is "Line + Grouped Bar" in the "Vertical Bar" charts menu.

    You would have 3 values.  One for your units line in the Y Axis spot, one for your % bar (standard) in the first Series spot, and a third for your % bar (express) in the second Series spot.  Your % bar series values might have to be beast mode calculations unless the express and standard values come from different columns in your data.

    Tinker with the configuration options until you get it just right.


    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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