How do I share ETL with a Privileged User?


I am trying to share a few Magic ETLs and MySQL DataFlows with a privilaged user.


He sees some of them but not all that I intended. I suspect that the etls visible to him corrispond with the cards I have granted this user permission to see, but can not be sure.


Some of these etls inform other processes and thus have no cards. Is there a way, like with cards and pages, to apply access to specific users, or grant access from the user account screen for them to see the dataflows pertainant to inform a set of cards? 



  • Tomo
    Tomo Contributor

    They don't seem able to share DataFlow.
    When just showing the contents of DataFlow, I copy DataFlow and make the owner change the user of a target.



  • Quirolla

    But would that not create a redundant output? Is it plausable to create dummy cards based on the ETLs and MySQL that do not have, and share those cards with the privilaged user to force them to see that step of the process? 

  • USH_NY



    Thank you for posting this. Did you find a way to share your DataFlow with another user? I am trying to figure it out too.


    Thank you!

  • Quirolla

    Not exactly, but I did discover a workaround. 


    For each portion of the dataflow (if it is a multi-part process) I create a card, and share that card with the privilaged user. That makes it so the user can view the datasource. 


    Now this was executed prior to data-liniage feature implimentation, so I am no longer certain that each part needs to be shared, or if the last dataflow output will enable user to view all previous dataflows leading to it.