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I have a card (see below) that when a user filters the page by `Year` I don't want it to filter.  In other words, I always want it to show all of the `Year` values - ignore that page filter.


Ideas on how to best accomplish?


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    You'd like this card to be a exception to the page filter?

    The page analyzer will filter either all cards with the `Year` column, regardless of dataset, or only the cards on the dataset chosen in the filter.  There is no mechanism in place to opt specific cards in or out of page filters, or to pick from a list of datasets to apply the filter to instead of a one or all approach (which is potentially a good idea).


    Can you change the name of the `Year` column to be different there than on the rest of the datasets? 

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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  • swagner
    swagner Contributor

    What I really need is the ability to opt out of this 'Year' filter, but have the other pages filters interact with the card normally.  Was wondering if anyone knew a work around - realize it's not standard functionality today.

  • I found a work around which is to duplicate your entire dataset, and power your card that doesn't want to be filtered with the duplicated data set.


    When done, refresh your page show that two data set shows up in your analyzer.

    In the analyzer, select your original data set and do the following - 

    For all filters that you would like to apply to all, simple tick the Apply to all data sets with "[Variable Name]".

    For the "year" filter, do not tick the apply to all box.


    And remember to save the filter


    That should fix it.

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