Dataset import from Google Sheets missing data


Good afternoon,


I have a google sheet with 16 columns and 37 rows - so not a ton of data.  The fields within the google sheet are in the percentage format (except the dates in the first column, and the column names in the first row).


I've imported several other google sheets without issue.  But on this one, some of the cells from the spreadsheet don't appear to be importing over to domo.  On the spreadsheet itself, for example, in cell C3 I have a value of 99.9704%.     When I refresh the dataset in Domo, that particular cell shows up blank.  Other cells, though, are populating correctly (including B3, which also has the same exact value in it - 99.9704%....  B3 actually shows a "1.00" in the dataset view, but the cards/graphs accurately show 99.9704%).  


Note that I can click the "Refresh Preview" button in the Dataset portion of domo for this dataset, and it will properly show the value in the cells (what was blank before).  But, this appears to have no effect on the graphs/cards using this dataset.  And, on the next full run of the dataset, it goes back to a blank cell again.


Row 2 is for January data, Row 3 for February, and Row 4 for March...  pretty simple.... On any cards I create based on the dataset, if I create the card in such a way to graph the data in column C, the graph will show January and March as individual plot points, but not a line linking them, or showing February data.


Attaching a couple of screenshots that will hopefully help illustrate my situation.


Screen1 = google sheet dataset showing the cells all have values in them.

Screen2 = view of Domo and how it imported the data from the google sheet.

Screen3 = view of Domo after pressing the "Refresh Preview" button.

Screen4 = view of line graph output showing the 'missing' data for February.   January and March are there, represented by the red circles....


Am I missing something?  I've double checked everything.  I've also literally deleted the dataset and re-created it from scratch and am seeing the same thing.


Any advice would be appreciated.




  • KaLin
    KaLin Member

    Can anyone help out user08719 with this Google sheets issue?

  • user08719

    I ended up opening a support ticket with Domo support and getting help from them.  Seemed there was an issue of some sort with the connector....