Report Scheduler - Excel/PPT exports?

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I'm excited about the new Report Scheduler feature, but am curious - will the options to schedule Excel or PPT (etc.) exports be available with this? The Scheduler is a great idea, but at an initial look it seems to be more of a "reminder" for someone to look at a card, rather than a delivery of the data via a document export.


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    It won't be available with the first release, but you can put the idea up on the Ideas Exchange here and request that future capability.

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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  • mrrm17
    mrrm17 Member

    Is this still not available?

  • It would be realy nice to have the possibility to automaticly export and send powerpoint/pdf reports via mail. Are there any updates?

  • It would be a huge value-add to be able to schedule Excel/PPT exports and email. Please add this feature asap...

  • The idea is here with many votes and comments.


    I suggest you keep commenting and voting, I will continue to raise visibility.


    Thanks for your patience!

  • We would really benefit (as would the entire Domo community, I am sure) by being able to schedule reports that deliver in Excel format.  Has this made it on the Development schedule yet as an enhancement to be implemented?

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