Adding Conditional Colors To Single Bar Chart


I've built a single bar chart to graph the percentage of quota each of the agents on my team has reached. I'd really like to set it up so that when an agent's percentage passes 100% the bar turns green. Is this possible to do with a Beast Mode calculation or some other option I'm missing?


  • AS

    If you're trying to signal performance thresholds, the only thing you can really do on a bar chart specifically is add a goal line to the Y Axis.

    Other cards may work in this situation, too.  Conditionally formatted Sumo cards.  Face or radial guages with assigned ranges.  Bullet bars with target ranges.  Table cards with HTML formatting.  

    We use several of these options for sales quota performance cards.

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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  • Greg_B

    With face or radial gauges, i see in the properties where i can assign the value, however what if i want this value to be based on a value in the dataset?  For instance, if i want 4-6 to be yellow high/low range, this could change by the customers if they decide to go 3-5, instead of having to update the card, can there be a dynamic field set that does this range high/low?  


    Example dataset would be 5,8,6 to denote "high, low, current" values.... so later down the road, they could set it to 7,8,6 and the card would automatically pick up the new high/low and have it the correct color.


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