Salesforce Dataset Missing Fields


I have a dataset pulling in a custom object and associated fields from Salesforce. I have created a new picklist field in Salesforce, but when I try to add that field to my dataset in DOMO it does not appear on the list of available fields for that object. I created two other fields (one date, one check-box) at the stame time and they are both available for me to add to the DOMO dataset. I have confirmed that I have other picklist fields included in my list of available fields from Salesforce so I'm at a loss as to why this particular field is not available for me to select. I've even tried creatingi a new dataset from the object in SF to see if the field will appear, and I tried creating a dataset using the "Browse Picklist" selection and the field doesn't appear in either list.

Any ideas?


  • mbelmont

    Is the data from Salesforce going directly to a dataset or do you have a dataflow that may be limiting the data available?