Transform Syntax in Workbench 4.5


I'm not an SQL expression expert but I feel like I shouldn't be having this much difficulty creating a transform in the calculation builder of Workbench.  (I'm very proficient with Beast Mode syntax, but I realize this is different)


I want to take a string (type) column and only use the first 6 characters from the data.

Attempting to use the MID function and the example, I have tried:


MID(`Pkg_Reference_1`,1,6)  and various variations.  


I've even tried testing syntax with more basic SUM or formating functions and every time I get the failure reason of "unexpected  identifier at character 6".  The character number will vary but is always the ` (backtick) character that  starts out the column name.

I am either failing misearably at understanding the syntax required or there is an issue with tranforms in WB 4.5 that is causing them all to fail, because I can't get a single one to work. 


Any guidance please...




  • AS
    You probably just need to drop the backticks. Even though Beast Mode uses them they aren't necessary in WB transforms.
    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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  • keithhickman07


    Where 0 is the start and 5 is the stop for extracting your string.
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