Adjusting Bar chart color based on criteria


Domo Issue color.JPGI'm having an issue with the logic of the color schemes (if this is even a feature) where I want the colors to be tied to the field options. (green color to map for field=green)


Example: I want my pie chart to show/plot the customer health (green, red, yellow) but i cannot assign a color correctly. 


  • AS

    Color mapping isn't currently a feature Domo provides (outside of beast modes using HTML in table cards), but it's something they are working on.

    See this post on the ideas exchange.  Is that what you're basically looking for?

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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  • jfestejo0614

    I think that post is in line to my request above, but I'm not sure I follow how that would work. I am not as technical and would like to know how Domo will know what field option maps to color. 


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