Using the summary number in beast mode


I have a data set that has invoice amount for each customer. I would need to create a card to show % invoiced for each client. % Invoiced to be calculated based on the total invoiced amount for all clients vs. the invoice amount for that client.


I have chosen the table view in the card and placed the client name and invoice amount columns. Have used the sum of invoice amount as summary number. Now i need to use the summary number in beast mode to divide the summary number with the invoice amount to get the % Invoiced.


I know how to do this in dataflow or sql query but i want to give an ability to the user to choose a date range or filter any of the clients and see the % invoiced. Is there any way that i can use the summary number in beast mode?


  • AS

    It would be pretty tought to have all that flexibility with the raw data as-is.  You're talking about handling the same rows of data multiple times, treating each run differently depending on where they are in the ratio.  Filtering on a customer in this case won't work because it would filter out the rows for the denonimator, too, so you'd end up with 100% every time.



    Or you could add a new column in a dataflow to provide the total invoice value on every customer invoice row (do the total aggregation outside of beast mode, on the dataset level).  We've done this in the past and it seems to work well.  The trick is to make sure the customer amount and total amount are at the same level of detail, like summed up by day.




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  • vnk0929

    Hi Aaron,


    Thanks for your reply.


    If i am adding a new column in data set through workbench or dataflow, i can get the total invoiced amout for each customer but this total invoiced amount will not change while the users are filtering the data in domo cards.


    For an example, i have totaled the invoice amount from all the invoices generated within last 12 months. If the user wants to see the trend of last 6 months, then applying the filter based on invoice date would not work.. right?? so new data set to be created depending on the user needs.


    I am looking for any options that is already exist in domo so i can give a flexibility to the users to filter the data by any criteria and still get the desired result.




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