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I have a publication group created which is used as the template to populate cards for about 10-15 different products. One of the requirements for the publication groups was that each of the product dashboards should have its corresponding image as the first card. In order to do this, I would like to be able to render the correct image for that proposition using some kind of filter in the publication group definitions. How and where can I store these images and how can I set up this rendering of the image on the first card of the dashboard? If you have some sample html code that can be used, can you also please share that?





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    Unfortunately, Image Cards do not currently work in Publication Groups. I can completely understand why you would want to be able to use an Image card as a type of title card for a Publication Group. But this functionality does not currently exist.

    I would be happy to submit an enhancement request to our Development team for them to add this feature to the Domo system with a future update. I apologize that I do not have any type of workaround to offer until this feature is designed.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.
    Dax Gibb

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    Please visit our ideas exchange where you can submit ideas and vote up others which are regularly reviewed by our product management team.


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    Thank you for your reply. I would appreciate it if you could please submit this as a enhancement request.

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