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Hi All!


I am noticing that I have trouble balancing my the color scale in my world map when I have data that is varies dramatically country-to-country for ex. my Google Analytics website visits. 


I am looking to create seperate the data in a more even fashion. Maybe this is something that cannot be acheived via beastmode or etl. 


I am sure many of you have had this issue. What do you guys think? Any workarounds?


  • AS

    The option that jumps to mind is the chart settings for 'balance distribution':


    balanced distribution.JPG


    By default Domo takes the max and min values, divides the range into 5 or so equal amounts, and then labels the countries as they fall into each of those buckets.  Hence the US at the top and everything else at the bottom.


    By using the balanced distribution setting, Domo takes the min and max and then breaks out the ranges in such a way that the same number of countries fit in the various buckets, regardless of how large or small the ranges are.  For long-tail distributions, this setting is much more appealing.

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  • Boone408

    Hi Aaron,


    I tried using balanced distribution (it worked for my United States map) however my global website data is still too skewed to look normal with balanced distrution. 


    My categories end up looking like this:

    1. 180,000 - 10,000 visits
    2. 10,000 - 8,000 visits
    3. 8,000 - 6,000 visits
    4. 6,000 - 4,000 visits
    5. 4,000 - 1 visits

    It is a data issue not a domo issue. However, I do with that we could decide how the data gets split up. 

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