Searching particular field usage in all cards


I need to change many columns' name across multiple datasets. Is there a way to search for a particular field usage across all the cards? So after renaming columns in dataset, I could update only those cards which needed to be updated and do not have to check the fields usage in all cards. 


  • AS

    The existing search feature looks at card names and other things like user names, but does not look at dataset schemas.

    If you update a dataset and it changes a column name that's being used in a card, that card will display an error.  So you'll be able to see on the page view which cards are broken and can fix them one-by-one.

    But from the existing user interface, I don't know of an easy and quick way to do what you're looking for.


    There are probabably some Domo API endpoints you can hit to retrieve what want, though.  That would require a technical resource on your side.

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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