Hierarchical Relationship Between Columns In Data Sources


Some of the sources I work with have columns with a hiearchical relationship.  For example, in the following data source, there are two columns named Master Source and Lead Source:


Domo - Column Headings.JPG


The Lead Source (Column C) is always a subset of the Master Source (Column B).  Is there any sort of code that would set up the relationship between these two columns to create an automatic layer of drilldown any time both columns were included in a given card?  For example, any card that looked at leads.  For example, any card that looked at a given metric by Master Source would automatically have Lead Sources with the same metric that would be nested within that Master Source.  At present, of course, one could build two cards and then connect them in a hierarchical relationship, but is there a way to set the relationship of set and subset on the data source level itself?

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