SQL stored procedure


I am trying to run a SQL stored procedure within Workbench and continually get an error stating "Input string was not in a correct format". The input string is as follows:

EXEC Media_DeliverSearch_Update @StartDate='10/1/2016', @EndDate='10/16/2016'


Any ideas on the proper syntax for calling a stored procedure with date inputs for parameters?



  • AS

    Errors you get in workbench for ODBC connections should be the errors returned from the database, not workbench, so you'd probably want to consult your ODBC driver docs or database docs for specifics.


    It could be something like:

    exec procedure_name (startdate,enddate);


    call schema.procedure_name (startdate,enddate);


    something entirely different, depending on how the sytem is set up.


    Domo's workbench squad is very helpful also.  You can reach them through the helpdesk line.

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