What dataset type should I choose in workbench?


When creating a Dataset Job in Workbench 4.0, It asks for a Dataset Type, such as CSV, Excel, ODBC, Jira etc.

I have discovered that this choice has no bearing on the source data format.  For example, I have been able to import the same JSON formatted text file as CSV, Excel, ODBC and Jira DataSet types.  The only differnce seems to be what it looks like in Domo.  The Icon and text below my DataSet name are the only aparent differences.

Does the DataSet Type matter?

Does one DataSet Type have advantages over another?

The DataSet Type called "Generic ODBC" seems strange since ODBC is an access protocol, not a data format.

Are DataSet Types just a way to document where the data came from?  If so, why is there no Json DataSetType?



  • AS

    That configuration option only helps with the organization of the data in your datacenter and the datawarehouse.  It helps Domo pick datacenter logos and sets metadata but doesn't affect the underlying schema.

    Generic ODBC might be shorthand for any kind of structured database like an internal mySQL server connection, Access, etc.

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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