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Hi, is there a solution for dynamically filtering top results in a Sumo table?  Example - Top 10 items in terms of revenue.  I know how to do it in a regular table card, but was wondering if there were a way to do this in a Sumo table.


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    Hi all,

    Can anybody help @kingaaronj out?


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    Hello @kingaaronj,

    Sadly there is not a way to do this in a Sumo card, without creating a new column. 

    We can use a dataflow and create a ranking column. Based off of this ranking we can use it as a filter in the sumo card. 

    For example this would be the query we would use in a MySQL dataflow:


    ,@rank:= @rank + 1 AS `Rank`
    FROM your_dataset a
    ,(SELECT @rank:=0) b
    ORDER BY ___


    Now that you have a rank column, you can use it as a filter in your Sumo card. 

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  • kingaaronj

    Thank you @ilikenno.  I'll give this a shot.

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