Building a Custom Data Connector


We have a cloud solution for one of our business units that is going to allow us access to a read-only database to start extracting data from.  How do we go about creating a Domo connector for that database?  Thanks.


  • Rich
    Rich Domo Employee

    Hi Mritter,


    There are several approaches to getting the data you're looking for out of the cloud. It is worth exploring each of these solutions depending on which cloud solution you're using.


    1. If you can deploy Domo Workbench to the cloud server you could connect to the database using Workbench and "push" data into Domo. This is more likely a viable solution if you have your own server space within the cloud (like Azure or AWS). If instead you don't have access to login to an private cloud instance, but instead it is a shared instance this option likely won't work for you.


    2. Domo has prebuilt connectors for many databases. These include MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and Hadoop. In these cases the connection is expecting you to provide credetials as well as the connection string, URL, and Port. You'll need to check with your cloud provider to see if the allow incomming connections over the standard Ports for connecting to the database or if they will open that connection for you. If they will, Domo will reach into the cloud using the connection settings you provided and run the query you provide.


    3. Domo also has connectors to some cloud storage solutions like DropBox, Box, Amazon EC2, Google Cloud Storage and Google Drive, etc. So if you're able to output a result to one of those locations you can go and collect the data from there.


    Hope this helps.

  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    @Mritter, did Rich's reply help you out?