Footnote on a card

Is there a way to add a footnote to the bottom of the card (e.g., if I want to define a term or metric)?



  • Domo_Diesel
    Domo_Diesel Domo Employee

    Hi @tleong, there currently isn't any way to add a footnote to the bottom of the card.  If you would like to define a term or metric, the best way is probably to do it in the card description, which is located directly underneath the card title when in card edit mode.  

  • The problem with using the card description is that you've removed the icon ("i" inside a circle) to denote whether or not there's any description.  Our users are using Domo exclusively on the iPad using the mobile app and I'm not even sure how to read the descriptions on the mobile app (I can't get the description to show up on the iPad).

  • Domo_Diesel
    Domo_Diesel Domo Employee

    Gotcha.  Unfortunatley, you cannot currently see the card description on the mobile app.  I did some research and found out that there is an enhancement request for this, but I can't give you a timeline.  

  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    @tleong, tagging you to check out Domo_Diesel's latest reply. 


  • I'm just tagging in here to watch. I am also interested in seeing a solution for this.

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