Measure Purchases Trough Facebook

Hi all, hapy DOJO day, Recently we started exploring the power of the domo app store and found out about the Facebook Ads QuickStart Lite, we could connect with our facebook account without any problem and the display of the information is working flawlessly, however, we are interested in studiying the performance of the ads efforts we are doing through facebook, for example we want to have in domo info about purchases made, value of purchases and registrations, we tried to get that trough the app  "Budgeting for Facebook Ads" but the cards freeze on the loading data phase. 

So I was wondering what could we do in order to get the info we want into domo and to get the Budgeting for Facebook Ads to work. 




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    Can you take a look at this question please?




  • @jpereira After hitting "try it" did the cards freeze on the sample data loading phase, or after you had input your Facebook Ads credentials?

    It is possible that the card is still just trying to load, some datasets take longer to power up in Domo than others. If it was after you input your credentials, it's possible that the account you linked for Facebook Ads doesn't have any data; i.e. accidentally linking a personal Facebook account instead of your business account.

    Because this is also a free app, you can try uninstalling it and then reinstall the app to ensure that everything was input correctly, and the right accounts were selected.

  • Cards got stuck into the "loading phase" for quite some time, since the social side of the faebook data is working I can assume credentials were correct when installing the app. I am going to try and install the app again. Thanks for your comment. 

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    @jpereira, please keep us updated!

  • Hi All, sorry for the delay, unistalling and installig the budgeting app made it work. However I haven't found the way to show facebook-purchases data trough DOMO. 

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    @Millhouse, can you provide further insight? 

  • @jpereira, it sounds like you were able to power up the Budgeting for Facebook Ads app successfully. As far as measuring purchases that come from Facebook (I'm assuming that this means sales that came as a result of clicking on a Facebook ad), the Facebook Ads Quickstart and Budgeting For Facebook Ads apps will only tell part of the story.

    Check out the Social Ads ROI - Facebook app as a way to show exactly how conversions from Facebook are resulting in sales or revenue.