Json data connect using workbench error


I am facing issue while connecting to Json Data from Workbench.


The documentation states that for Data Source field "enter the data node where you want to begin pulling JSON data. This should be an array of objects (for example, Key5_Key3". Can you please help me understand whether we should give only the starting node of json documents or an array of all nodes used. What about nested documents in that case.


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    Hi all,


    Can anybody help @MitulMakadia out?


  • Hi @MitulMakadia,



    It looks like we need more information about your JSON / Workbench project in order to answer your question. I am going to open a support case and contact you via Email.



    ** I work for Domo

  • Hi,


    I have created a simple json file which contains 5 key value pairs. I am trying to import this file in domo via workbench. I selected JSON Data Source & Transport Type as Local File Provider while creating a new data set job. In Data Source Properties, i give the starting node name in Data Source, Delimiter as _ & Flatennin Option as None.

    When i run the job it gives below error:

    Response status code does not indicate success: 500 (Server Error).


    Can you please let me know as to what is causing this issue?


  • Hello again @MitulMakadia,

    I need a copy of the JSON file and your Workbench logs to troubleshoot this for you. I'll be sending you an email shortly.





    ** I work for Domo

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