DOMO access


I am trying to create a portal for allowing customers to access specific DOMO cards that I have created to monitor thier accounts. Is this possible, and has anyone done this before?



  • rado98
    rado98 Contributor

    Try the "Publish" function.

    Search for it on the help centre.

  • Wallyman

    Thank you, I am heading there now!

  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    @Wallyman, did rado98's reply help you out?

  • Wallyman

    Thank you for checking in, I think so, but I am still learning :-).


    I bought Adobe CC so i can begin to start creating apps that I can use to provide access to our data for my customers and vendors.


    My intentions are to be able to share information with my suppliers so they can help support our inventory management. Currently I have KPI cards that show me my weekly usage of materials, on hands status and what is incoming. This helps provide the information I need to assure a JIT inventory management. If I am able to provide my suppliers access to this information they can help support our JIT inventory by assuring the supply chain is able to support the demands we are seeing, and react to the changes without getting caught with too much or not enough incoming materials.


    The customer KPI cards I use offer the entire order to delivery status so I can maintain visibility to assure we are meeting our customers requests, and our On Time deliveries are consistently maintained. This also provides the ability to identify any potential issues prior to them occuring and allows us to have a proactive approach to eliminating potential problems causing us to miss our promised deliveries. By having the ability to provide our customers access to this information it would be a "Game changer" for us in our industry.


    Currently we provide static reporting to customers, which is great, but limited to a single source of information only at the time the report is provided. If our customers can have the same drill down capabilities we have, they would be able to access up to date information at any time they desire.


    Any help that can be provided to guide me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!!


    Thank you again for checking!