Is OpenBravo compatible with the Domo Workbench?


Am I able to connect OpenBravo to the Domo Workbench and upload my data to my Domo Instance?


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    I see you had opened a case and your question was already answered by Domo Support. I want to discuss the solution here in the Dojo as well to confirm that we’ve addressed your questions and concerns.


    While Domo does not currently have a direct connector for OpenBravo, we may be able to connect to the data directly through an ODBC connection. According to the OpenBravo installation documentation, you choose to install the OpenBravo data on one of the following databases: Apache Derby, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and HSQLDB. Depending on the database you choose, you can acquire an ODBC driver for that database. Then, it’s just a matter of setting up a connection with that ODBC driver and Workbench.


    We have a KB article that goes into detail on configuring an ODBC connection for uploading data with Workbench 4.



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