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I'm curious if anyone in the Dojo community is using their instance of Domo to produce a traditional media flowchart.  I work in advertising and have teams that are creating very manual excel based flowcharts.  If you don't work in media or advertising you might not know what a flowchart is (here is a link to a picture of an example  It is essentially a visual representation of an advertising plan.  


Anyone had success replicating these in Domo?




  • Rich
    Rich Contributor

    Hi Jeffcavallo,


    Yep I think the Gantt chart may be exactly what you're looking for. I mocked one up with sample data pretty quickly.


    1. You need a dataset with the following attributes
      1. Ad Campaign Name
      2. Start Date
      3. End Date
      4. Campaign Category
    2. Once you have your dataset with those entries you'll create a new card and select the Gantt chart type. Power it with the 4 items above and it should look like this screen shot.

    Gantt Chart


    I think this is a pretty fair representation of the image you linked me to. With real data I'm sure it would look even more interesting than my example.


    Good luck!

  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    @jeffcavallo, did Rich's reply help you out?