Handling sensitive data like Human Resources/Payroll

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Has anyone added sensitive data, like human resources info, into Domo?   Looking for learnings around controls, data sharing, etc... (e.g. Is there a way to set this up so Domo Admins can't see the data)





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  • I was having some trouble still, but my most recent try seems to have allowed these links to work!


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    Can anybody help @TheDataGuy out?


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    All data is accessible to Owners and Admins in Domo. If you have users who should not have access to some data on the instance then they should not be an Admin. You can look for articles in the Help Center about Personalized Data Permissins (PDP) and Publication Groups. Both of these tools allow customized data restriction for users on different levels, but they will not restrict Admins or Owners of the data.







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    Are those links still valid?  I cannot reach the destination.  Can you point me to these documents?


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    The links should work but you will need to login to the help center with your Domo credentials.


    If it still doesn't work can you paste a screen shot of what you are seeing?




  • Here are the screenshots as requested....



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    Thanks for the screen shots.


    Can you access the main landpage of the Help Center? Are you prompted to enter your Domo login credentials?


    If you can access try to paste the url from one of the articles once you are there.


    If not then it's not clear what is going on as these are customer facing and we don't see any issues with the Help Center at the moment.


    Let us know!



  • I was having some trouble still, but my most recent try seems to have allowed these links to work!

  • Maybe there was some cahed data in your browser, I guess a good step for next time is clear your cache.


    Glad it worked!