cannot find the transparency color selection on the stacked bar + line chart

jkb Member


the help center says that I should be able to customize my bar chart to show transparency as a color, but my choices only include colors not a white or clear choice; am I overlooking it somehow


i am using the stacked bar + line chart


  • PEAKS_valleys

    Hey @jkb - 


    It looks like the transparency color option isn't available to use with stacked bar + line or other chart types beyone the vertical bar and vertical stacked bar chart types. 


    Changing the Default Colors in Your Chart is probably what you are referencing in your post but take a look at point 3 under "To change series colors in a graph,"


    Hope this helps!



  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    @jkb, did PEAKS_valleys' reply help you out?

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