my business user wants the card data updated every 10 mins, is this possible with domo?

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    The minimum interval for dataset refreshes is 15 min. Take a look at the Adding a Dataset Using a Data Connector in the help center. This same interval applies to Workbench 4 jobs, take a look here


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    Though I haven't done this myself, I believe it is plausible that you could create 6 identical datasets set to run every hour but initiated 10 minutes apart from you one another (so one runs at 5:00, then 5:10 etc.).  From there you would append all 6 together via Magic ETL and remove duplicates based on a unique identifier key (you could create one via concatenation if one doesn't natively exist in the dataset).  The outcome would essentially be a dataset that adds new rows every 10 minutes, if that aligns with your use case then perhaps this could work.



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