I wonder if there is any way to see how many times cards are viewed by our clients?

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I wonder if there is any way to see how many times cards are viewed by our clients? I know as an admin I can see how many cards are viewed by other users in Domo Admin. but I don't how many times cards are seen by users who navigates to reports via SSO in our website.




  • kshah008
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    HI all,


    Can anybody help @sia out?


  • NWolf
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    Hi sia,


    I want to make sure I understand the logistics of your question.  When you say reports, are you referring specifically to cards, pages, or something else? 

    I believe the best way we can get an answer for you, will be to open a ticket with our support team. One of our representatives should be reaching out to you in the near future, and we can look further into what it is you’re wanting to do.



    -Nate Wolf

    -Domo Support

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    @sia, tagging you to check out NateTheSecond's reply. 

  • sia
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    Hi Nate,


    Our users access domo via sso from our website. What I am interested is, what cards are viewed most by our users. 

    I know there is domo usage tab on menu , but it only shows data for internal users who login to domo directly and not SSO users.



  • kshah008
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    @Wolf, can  you provide further insight? 

  • willb
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    @sia The Domo Usage should account for direct login and SSO users. With your SSO users not showing in the Usage page it will be best to have our Domo Support team look into this and contact you to progress towards a resolution. Please expect communication from a support team member shortly. 
    Thank You

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