State to County Map not zooming




I have successfully implmented state to county "zoom" drill downs in the past without issue. My current dataset has "State" (abbreviated State name) and "FIPS" (5 digit numeric code) on the same dataset.  The drill is successfully pulling up county data but is showing the entire US map - not the state that is filtered...


Interestingly, from that nationwide view, if I click on a county for the state selected, the drill is sucessfully zooming in on the county for a by-zip view.  


Thoughts? Has anyone experienced this issue and found a way to resolve?


  • ckatzman
    ckatzman Contributor

    @jeffcavallo, see this previous post which may help.  The naming convention is very specific, but it looks like you've got that part ok.  It is also my understanding that it may not work if there are any records with incomplete or invalid values.  In that case, it may be necessary to create a pre-filtered Dataflow to eliminate records that might not work.




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  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    @jeffcavallo, did ckatzman's reply help you out?

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