What is the difference between creating a MySQL dataset from Workbench vs the MySQL data connectors?


I would prefer to use the MySQL data connectors but I'd like to understand if there are limitations of going this route. For example I'm trying to connect to a MySQL database internal to our network and I can't seem to connect to the database using MySQL connectors. My guess is that this is because the connection request is coming from an external Domo url. But confirmation of this and any other known limitations would be appreciated.


  • Rich
    Rich Domo Employee

    MySQL external connectors:

    If your MySQL database is located behind your firewall you'll need to whitelist inbound traffic to that server over certain ports. I'd suggest you Buzz Domo Support within your instance to get the list of IP Addresses to white list. Once you've configured the firewall settings you should be able to use the external MySQL connectors to your data.


    There are several advantages to the workbench alternative including:

    • No need to adjust firewall settings
    • Secure network communication using a proxy server (if desired)
    • Manage scheduled jobs
    • Add columns based on calculations
    • Transform columns using regular expressions
    • and much more.

    You can visit the Help section within your Domo instance to learn more about the workbench in order to make the decision between Domo connectors and using the workbench.


    Hope this helps.


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    @kith_howes, did Rich's reply help you out?