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I've created a Table.  It is basic, has 2 columns.  I was able to set the first column smaller, but the second is so large, you cannot see the results on the card.  I don't see how to change this?





  • PEAKS_valleys

    Hey @sgraham - 


    Under the chart properites look in the general section there is an option called 'set column widths'. You can write in your own logic for how the column spacing should be. Keep in mind it's based on 100%, for example you can write something like 40,20,20,20. 


    For your specific question, have you tried to left align the second column so it's viewable?

  • sgraham

    So is there then a way to set overall table width?  So when you set each column for example 20%, 80% overall the table is not way to wide?

  • PEAKS_valleys

    I think that the table is always based on 100%. Below is a screen shot of a 2-column table that is readable as a card. I just center aligned the last column. 


    2 column table.png

  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    @sgraham, did any of PEAKS_valley's replies help you out?

  • D_PRC
    D_PRC Member

    The problem with using the 10,20,30,40 rule. Is tt uses the page width as 100%, as a result it will shrink all columns into the screen. If your chart has numerous columns, this can become problematic. Using HTML is a solution but not always ideal. The best way I have found around this is to connect header labels with underscores or no spaces in conjunction with word wrap.


    Example;  __________Notes__________ | _____1_____ | _____2_____ | QuoteOfTheDay | 


    Hyphens and spaces will allow your headers to word wrap as well, as long as these characters are not preset the header will determine the width of the column.

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