sort order- grouped bar graph

Sorting the order of a grouped bar graph.


My data is looking at 4 categories (start/new/completed/ending) month over month.


I have a grouped bar chart showing the values for each category for each month. 

The categories (start/new/completed/ending) are sorted numerically (start/end/completed/new) or I can set it to do it alphabetically (completed/ending/new/start).


How do I sort it so it's logical <start/new/completed/ending>?



Asukete kudasasimasen ka!




  • You could try a Beast Mode caluclation that defines the sort order logic. Something like: 



      When `categories` = 'start' then 1

      When `categories` = 'new' then 2

      When `categories` = 'completed' then 3

      When `categories` = 'ending' then 4



    Try adding this Beast Mode to sorting and sort accordingly . 


    Hope this helps!

  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    @Sambo_Servicer, did PEAKS_valleys' reply help you out?

  • I have a similar problem.  It didn't help me.  I even went further upstream, and included the case statement in my query instead and it still is not sorting correctly.



  • never mind.  once I refreshed the page, it is correct.



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