How can i make a dashboard using DOMO?



I have created few cards and added them to my page but i want to showcase them all in a dasboard, so how can you create a dashboard in Domo and share the final dashbaord. when i say dashboard i don't mean slidshow of cards.


Many thanks in advanve if you guys can help me out here 


  • kshah008
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    Hi all,


    Can anybody help @Sam with their question?


  • Hi @Sam -


    Once you create cards you can group those cards together as a collection (dashboard) on a specific page. Once the collection is started, you have a bunch of different options to set up the look, feel, access, and functionality. Take a look at the visualize documenation here. Let me know if this doesn't help or you are looking for a more specific answer. 



  • Hello All,


    Thanks for your help. I have created few cards also my page and group them all to my page.


    I do have another question - i want to purchase the full upgraded form of Domo but don't know how can i contact Domo sales team directly, i have few queries regarding the pricing and features. I went to the official pricing website and applied for Talk to Sale but i didn't get any reply on that. If you can share any other website or any direct contact to sales team.


    Many Thanks


  • @Sam 


    Glad that you were able to put together a collection of cards on your page! 


    I'm not aware of another site but you should be able to reach sales via the contact us page.