dual scale chart--How to set goal on second scale


Set goal on second scale:


I have a dual scale chart (Grouped bar + line)

I want the goal to be set on the right axis (the grouped bar).

Right now the only the Y-axis field (the line) offers the goal option.


I know that I can set the goal based on the left axis. 

2 issues with that:

a) The scales are thousands:single digits

b) The thousands scale is constantly shifting with dataset updates. I don't want to have to baby sit that computation.



  • Godiepi
    Can you switch your series positions so that what you have on the right becomes the left Y axis where you can set the goal ?
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  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    @Sambo_Servicer, tagging you in case you haven't seen Godiepi's reply.

  • Sambo_Servicer

    Regret that this is not a viable solution because:


    • This chart type set the first series as the line and subsequent series as bars.
    • I want the first datapoint to be displayed as a line, the others as bars.
    • Therefore, switching the series positions would negate the value of the chart.

    I need a way to set the goal on a series other than the first. It's sort of a vicious catch-22 and I want to break out of it.

  • dax22
    dax22 Domo Employee


    Unfortunately, there is not currently an option for adding a secondary Goal Value to a Grouped Bar + Line card using the Chart Properties or other parts of the Card Editor.

    This idea has been submitted as an enhancement request and will be considered when our Development team creates a new update to the Domo system.

    I apologize that this is not a currently available feature, but please let me know if you have any questions.

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