I am trying to share a few cards with users outside of Domo, what are my options?


  • I'd recommend looking publishing options. You can get to them by going to the page of cards you'd like to share and clicking on the wrench menu in the top-right corner. From there you can choose to publish the page as a slideshow or export it as a powerpoint. 


    If you choose to publish as a slideshow, going through the options will let you choose if you want it to be public or private. Choosing private will require the viewer to enter a password to have access to the slideshow. Once you've published the slideshow, just send out the link to the people you would like to see it. It will update automatically for them as the cards update.


    Let me know if that helps!

  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    @VinceGhost, did zcameron's reply help you out?

  • Hey 

       Thanks for the help.   What i am really trying to do is to embed a few cards on a wordpress site.  Any idea if it is possible to do this?  

  • kshah008
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    @zcameron, can you chime in?

  • Hey,


    Is there a way that outside people can access drilldown and filters as well?




  • The Public Embed option could get you this functionality. You can talk to your account executive about whether it's a good fit for your use case and about getting it added to your contract.

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