De-duplicate one column while summing up another




Context: our ticketing dataset consists of barcodes and their relevant fields (such as redemption date, issuance date, price etc.) To figure out the number of unique tickets redeemed for a day, we use a count distinct formula for the barcodes to eliminate "re-entries" - the only way to identify re-entries right now is seeing that the barcode has shown up twice or more in one day (we do have different time stamps for each. Also to note: if the same barcode shows up on a different date, that is counted as a re-visit. It's the duplicates on the SAME DAY that are counted as re-entries).


Issue: I want to find our revenue by summing up the price, but I cannot actually count distinct price as many tickets share the same price. I want to be able to exclude the prices on those "re-entries" or write a formula to create a column that calls out a ticket if it is duplicated on the SAME DAY. Is there a way to beast mode either of those things?


Thanks in advance!



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