Fiscal calendar in Beast Mode

We have the fiscal calendar feature enabled in DOMO. 

I want to convert a transaction date into its fiscal quarter. 

Is there a way to do that?

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    There is no current way to get access to the fiscal calendar from a beast mode. This is on the backlog but not available yet.


  • I do not know of a way to do this.  


    We handle this by uploading a date dimension data set.  We join to that and then can use fiscal date values in Beast Modes.

  • @Gavatar Can you take a look at this thread?


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    There is no current way to get access to the fiscal calendar from a beast mode. This is on the backlog but not available yet.

  • Thanks for the update. The good news is that Domo keeps growing. It will come in time ?

  • Can you give me an example of a beast mode you're using to do this? I thought of the same solution, have import the fiscal calendar as an excel file, but have yet to figure out the beast mode for using the combined dataset. I'm trying to build cards that are Last Fiscal Month This Year compared to the same fiscal Month Last Year and keep running into issues. Especially with Fiscal December 2015 because it overlaps two calendar years.

  • That's the problem, there is no beast mode to do this yet. I've been told other users in our company that there is a "fiscal calendar" function available in Domo, but I haven't figured out how it works yet.


    The earlier post referring to uploading a fiscal calendar data set, then doing ETL to link that to you reporting table is the only workable method I've seen so far. 

  • Perhaps I responed to the wrong person in the thread. I thought someone said they figured out how to do this by uploading the fiscal calendar into their account and connecting the data source to the calendar. I think I just figured out Last week compared to the same fiscal week last year, but I haven't tried to apply that logic to months yet. FYI- this account does have the "fiscal calendar" in place, but it only works with their preset date ranges (i.e. Previous Month, Previous Quarter, etc.) which doesn't work when you want to look at MoM or same month YoY.

  • @BABWMajorDOMO do you have an example of a Beast Mode that you used to do this? I'm trying to do last fiscal month compared to the same month in the previous fiscal year and have it update each month dynamically. For example, today I want to see Fiscal December 2016 compared to fiscal December 2015 and then 1/29/17 I want it to automatically swich over to fiscal January 2017 vs. fiscal January 2016.

  • I think this needs to be an extremely high priority. The more retail clients that Domo gets, the more critical it is to have a fully functionable instance with a fiscal calendar. Because right now it is extremely manual and it shouldn't be.

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    Can one you advise the thread on this please?



  • same inquiry here - we align to Fiscal Calendar so would be great to know how it can be done in DOMO

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    This thread has not had an update in the past year, but I would really like to have fiscal_month, fiscal_year and fiscal_quarter commands available in beast modes.  The reason that I cannot do this through a join is that I have a large dataset that times out with a fusion (I have added fiscal month, quarter and year to the dataset already) and I need to know the fiscal month/quarter/year of the current date, so I can exclude the current and future months from a card using a beast mode (automatically).  I tried a formula like this to exclude future months and only show completed fiscal months (for any year) and it seems to time out on large datasets:

    CASE WHEN RIGHT(max(CONCAT(`fiscal_year`,`fiscal_month`)),2) >= `fiscal_month` THEN 'Exclude'   ELSE 'Include' END





  • Thanks @jstan


    @Gavatar any update on this ask from our customers?



  • Bumping this ask - the 'fiscal calendar' setting is currently not useful for us, because we'd like to have a week-over-week % change value displayed in the *card summary*.


    Currently our week-over-week card summaries appear to be incorrect, because the card summary formula is still calculating off the standard domo week (saturday - sunday) rather than our desired week (monday-sunday). Turning on the fiscal calendar feature in the card thus produces an "incorrect" result.