API Inconsistencies

I'm trying to use the Domo Data API, but I'm running into some trouble.


Creating a dataset returns HTTP 201, and not HTTP 200, as per the documentation


Updating a dataset appears to do nothing - neither name nor description can be updated


Deleting a dataset appears to do nothing


Are these known issues, or is there something I'm doing wrong?


  • alexpeay
    alexpeay Domo Employee

    @chadmaughan any thoughts on what @woganmay is seeing with the APIs?

    Alex Peay
    Product Manager
  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    @alexpeay, do you guys have any updates for woganmay?

  • I have same situation.


    I attach files of my setting.


    Could you give me some advices to overcome this situation?



  • Bulloko
    Bulloko Domo Employee

    @Matz1 - Your pictures don't seem to give me the exact error you are geting.


    Can you provide the call and the exact error you get when you make that call?


    When you use POSTMAN you can click on the "CODE" button and then turn it into something like cURL and paste it in here if you want.

  • @Bulloko


    Thank you for your advice. I made it!!


    I have been able to be aware of the bad request protocol which is ‘http’.

    After I replace ‘api.domo.com/v1/datasets/’ to ‘https://api.domo.com/v1/datasets/’ on the postman,

    I am able to make the dataset.



    Your advice ‘code’ is very effective to make sure the response of the API server.



    When I used the protocol of ‘http’, I had a redirect response. I could realize the cause of my mistake about the protocol.



    Thanks again,

    Hiroyuki Matsumoto

  • @Bulloko


    I am sorry that I can’t click “Accept as Solution”, because I am not the owner of this question.




    If you have solved your question, could you click “Accept as Solution”?



  • Hello @Matz1


    It looks like a different issue. My problem is not that I cannot create datasets, it's that the API is not behaving as per the API documentation. I haven't tested yet to see if this is still an issue, since I am currently not using the API for anything.

  • Hi @woganmay


    OK. I understand your situation.

    I got courage by realizing that there are colleges who work with me.



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