Month Grouping of on Tables

I noticed that when I pull up a simple data source in the table format and select "This Month" that it actually is starting from current date and selecting 30 days forward, rather than actually pulling the calendar month (and the "previous month" selection is pulling the early part of the current month as well).  When I flip over to a line or column chart this issue does not happen.


Has anyone else noticed this?


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    Hi all,

    Can anybody help @BSwedenberg out?


  • @BSwedenberg: Can you give me a little bit more information on what you're seeing? I'm playing with the time grain on my card, and it seems to be working. I choose This Month and see June 2016 data. I choose Previous Month and see May 2016 data. See below. It's certainly possible I'm misunderstanding so maybe you can post a screenshot or clarify.




  • Godzilla
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    make sure in the 'Date Range' drop down in Edit mode, you have the right date field selected. The time grain on top uses the field you have assigned here to change the views as you change the time grain selection.



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